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About the project


While I was looking for an end-of-studies internship, my main goal was to produce a fun and interactive way for people to get to know my profile!

I also wanted to give you a chance to feel the satisfaction I get when I'm analyzing data, by vulgarizing and pictorially representing the task of a Data Scientist.
Nothing is more rewarding than finding what you're looking for among a large amount of diverse, raw and untidy data.
By getting to better understand the data you're working on, you are able to draw conclusions and you can help take decisions.


I took copyright-free photos of public figures (mainly actors, athletes, models and politics) from an open source database of face photographs: Labeled Faces in the Wild: A Database for Studying Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments.
This database from the University of Massachusetts is usually used to evaluate face recognition algorithms.

The pictures were chosen randomly, with the only criteria being that the faces were visible.
The display relies on Javascript, jQuery and the Isotope library in particular.